In with the old

To be completely honest, the way I usually shoot is nothing but guesswork. I guess the settings, and by some minor miracle, I’m usually relatively right. Some chimping and adjusting is required, however.Thus the reason I’d always been slightly hesitant to go back to using film. I’d learnt the basics back in high school, ISO100 B&W film, almost always on 1/100 for every situation, god knows how I ever got anything decent. But it just seemed so daunting now. How do I KNOW the settings I’m using are right?But on the weekend, I discovered something that everyone else has known for a very long time: cameras have light meters. And Spot Metering. Serves me right for not reading my 5D’s manual before going out shooting with it, eh? Never had to worry about anything like that with the 350D.

So it’s with new confidence that I shall dust off my Canon EOS50 and my Holga 120GN, and I’m going to have some FUN! To be honest, sometimes the magic fades when you’re just out shooting editorial images every weekend, so I’m going to make myself poor by shooting some film. Starting with a $70-odd film purchase off eBay:

Fuji Superia X-TRA 35mm Film 36 Exp. ISO 400 (x5)
Fuji Superia 35mm Film 36 Exp. ISO 1600 (x5)
Fuji Portrait Pro 160S NPS 120 Format Film ISO 160 (x5)

Stay tuned for the results! 😀


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