Podcamp Perth 2007

If you’re in Perth, and interested in all things to do with digital media, be sure to check out PodCamp.

“PodCamp Perth is a newmedia community UnConference that helps connect people interested in blogging, podcasting, social media and networks, video on the net, and newmedia together to learn, share, and grow their newmedia skills. Whether you’re just interested in newmedia or an experienced veteran, PodCamp Perth is for you! Everyone is welcome, regardless of your involvement in social and newmedia, as long as you want to learn, share, and grow your knowledge!”

Mr Seng Mah will be representing the Photographers in Perth (PiP) Flickr group (which I am a part of) talking about PiP crossing over from being soley an online group, to becoming a thriving real-life social network for Perth’s photographers. Annnnd I may be having some photos featured in the presentation. Maybe.

“Flickr is an online photo-sharing application that is primarily used to show and share photographs, whether they be happy-snaps, family photos, or more artistic and professional photography pursuits. The Photographers in Perth (PIP) community was initially formed as a Flickr group for local photographers to show off their work, but has since evolved into one of the largest photography networks in Perth through the deliberate use of networking tools in Flickr and via the organization of real-world group events such as meets, photo shoots, workshops and group exhibitions. Come and find out how an online group becomes a successful offline community of practice and, if you are interested in photography, you may even be tempted to join PIP!”

The main day of activity is Saturday October the 27th, at Central TAFE, with smaller, less formal activities as part of Day 2 on the Sunday. Check out the website to register, and to find out what other presentations are on the agenda. Will be an interesting and informative weekend.


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