Rage Against the Big Day Out

One day I will actually post and say my website is ready. But today is not that day. It is coming along very well though, Alex has done a fantastic job. It’s just me not being able to narrow down a portfolio of 30ish images that is holding the project back. Everything starts to look bad when you’re looking at it for ages.

 But I digress!


Last weekend was my first Big Day Out in a shooting capacity. Generally speaking, I’m not a massive fan of shooting festivals. Smaller shows are obviously more intimate, and you can get closer to the action (and it’s considerably easier to get a beer too!), but the Big Day Out is very much seen as a ‘coming of age’ milestone by many Australian photographers, so I thought it was worth my while to get one under my belt. No one on the lineup really excited me, there were a lot of very good bands, but none I was totally dying to see. Which I guess made the day a lot easier. I was shooting bands that fit a schedule, not trying to fit in ‘fan time’ with ‘work time’. That said, you may have spotted a very happy little photog in a ‘I CAN HAS GYROSCOPE?‘ tshirt, standing side of stage for said band, singing til she thought she was going to lose her voice (or faint, it was pretty hot!). They really are something else. Phew.

I was really struggling to nail my shots on the day, especially towards the end of the day, cause I’m a self-admitted lightweight, and I was pretty tired! But I managed to scrounge up a few cool shots, like the one above of Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. The energy for RATM was incredibly intense, and being that it was my first BDO, I wasn’t totally prepared for the chaos of the headliner’s pit. 15-odd photographers, trying to keep out of the way of 30 or so security guards, who are hauling a constant stream of large sweaty crowdsurfers over the barrier. I got shirtfronted by an over enthusiastic chap as he was exiting the pit, which did little to boost my confidence! But hey, it’s all about experiencing and learning, and I certainly did a whole lot of experiencing.

 Though next year I’ll be sure to bring my own hockey armour.


1 Response to “Rage Against the Big Day Out”

  1. February 6, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    Hehe, you did good for your first BDO. Can’t wait to see your shots in Drum. 😀

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