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Emerald City @ Black Bettys

There are few words that I need to use to describe Emerald City’s shows. For those who have seen them, I won’t need to say anything. But for those who haven’t: Fireworks, flames & glitter cannons.




They’re just one of those bands that makes your task very easy. And if you walk away from the show feeling like you haven’t been entertained, then there is seriously something wrong with you. I shot this show on Av, the very first time I’d shot a whole gig on Av. The result was very few TECHNICALLY good photos (or ones that met my tight quality control) but a lot of photos that adequately represented the vibe of the night. And that was pretty much the point.


After the show I had an irrepressible urge to go home and play Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80’s.

This coming Saturday is the National Campus Bands Grand Final. I may or may not be on photo duty, but it’ll be a great night nonetheless. If you don’t have any other plans, get down to the Rosemount to check it out. Past national winners have included Eskimo Joe and The Vasco Era, and I like to think WA have got a strong enough crop to take out nationals AGAIN this year.